Last Minute Pet Travel Checklist

Image from Sunny Skies Blog

So, it’s the holiday season, you’re out buying presents and packing your bags for you big trip when all of the sudden, you realize: YOU DIDN’T GET EVERYTHING READY FOR YOUR PETS!

No worries, we got you covered with this quick go to checklist of the things you’ll need for your furry friends on your holiday trip!


Travel Checklist

  • Pet First Aid Kit
  • Food & Water dishes
    • Fold-able travel dishes are readily available and make packing much easier
  • Enough food to the last the trip (and a little bit more)
    • Find out if the destination you’re visiting has a store that also carries your pet’s food, especially if you are flying
  • A source of water
    • Small animals will do well with some freshly cut cucumber on road trips to stay hydrated
  • Favorite bag of treats (sealed if you are travelling on a plane)
  • Favorite toy (a silent one will be appreciated by other travelers)
  • Calming treats or sprays (for anxious pets, look for treats with melatonin or hemp)
  • A carrier or car safe harness
  • Brushes and nail trimmers
  • Up to date tags and a label on the carrier
    • Pet’s name
    • Your name
    • Phone Number
    • Home Address
  • Check airline pet regulations (including size of pets, carriers, requirements)
  • Pet friendly accommodations
  • Vaccinations are up to date with paperwork
  • Pet has been micro-chipped and tattooed
  • Up to date list of medications

And finally, try to make time for your pet to stretch their legs and move around! Plan stops along the way for car trips or some time between lay overs to let them out of their carrier if possible.

Happy Travels!