Show Us Your Heart

Show Us Your Heart was launched in 2006, with the intent to support smaller, community-based organizations – the local shelters and pet rescue groups that do not receive government funding or have their own fundraising departments.  The volunteers who operate and work with these organizations often do it on their own dime.

Every February, each Global Pet Foods store across Canada selects a local shelter in its community to support. We at Global, Jasper Ave / 117 St, will be supporting the ARTS Senior Animal Program.  This program is dedicated to helping senior animals in need – 8 years old plus for dogs and 10 years old plus for cats. It is a program under Animal Rescue Transfer Society (ARTS). The funds contributed go to helping older animals who have found themselves homeless during the golden years of their lives. Your generous support can help bring these older animals back to optimum health for their age and then off to adoptive “retirement” homes.

When you donate as little as $1 in-store, we will match it with another $1. Purchase a Paper heart for $5 and Global Pet Foods will kick in another $1 for a total donation of $6 and give you 10 AIR MILES Bonus Miles!

A little goes a long way to helping thousands of homeless animals.

                                        ARTS brochure-2017